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Hot star Drums


Are you looking for an awesome music drums application? Feel like you are a member of a real rock band playing Rock star Drums.Rock star Drums is everything you need to learn and play music on drums set!! Get some new music skills with this Rock star drumming application.
This virtual drum kit is great app to play and learn the drums on your mobile device.
Learn how to play the pieces of rock, folk, pop music on drum set anywhere by using this music drums game. Surprise your friends and family!
Play around with your pocket drum kit. Music creation has never been so easy.
Rock star Drums music app comes with amazing drums set and cymbals. This Rock star Drums kit is loaded with a ride cymbal, snare drum, floor drum, closed and open hi hats, splash, crash cymbal, ring cymbal, tom toms.
If you like making music, you will adore this virtual percussion. Rock star Drums will let you create your own drum beats or you can play songs built in Rock star Drums.
Rock star Drums is a must for everyone. From the music-deaf to drums enthusiasts, kids, adults, expert drummers and music beginners.
Download Rock star Drums and develop your music ear.
To play Hot star Drums just run Drums and make music! Super simple to play!
1) Choose between 4 difficulty levels and then choose a song from music list. 2) Use your fingers as a drum sticks and have fun playing drum beats.3) Tap the highlighted drums and cymbals on your screen and get as many points as possible!4) Make beautiful drum beats and record them5) Pick other parts of drum set e.g. tambourine, cowbell.6) Enjoy your own drum beats and music!
Rock star Drums app features:
-great entertaining music drums app-three game modes to choose from-high quality sound-simple drums music application-drums app tutorial-Four difficulty levels-easy to use app controls-multi touch percussion-drums animations, visual feedback of tapped drums and cymbals!-record and playback mode, You can share your best beats!-a lot of sample songs to play, many tracks to learn and play-develop your music ear with Rock star Drums music app